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To add your work experience and education, login to , click on your name at the top right hand, click on edit my profile, click on experience and education. Fill in your details and collapse the box back. Please note, you need to add an information in the description for it to show on your profile.

Your proposal is often your first interaction with a potential student. It’s your , highlight your expertise, and show the student why you’re the best tutor for his/her learning needs.

OnlineTutorLy is the workplace for tutoring, giving talented tutors like you access to the best tutoring opportunities. Although you need to decide what works best for you, here are some tips from successful tutors and students that can help you create a winning proposal.

Why isn't it good to use a template?

  • If your proposal isn’t crafted well, it won’t get you jobs. Period.
  • Once you have a template, you may start skipping the job description and apply robotically. You should always read the job descripti...

How does lesson recording work?

As long as both the student and tutor have lesson recordings enabled, a video of the lesson is generated automatically, in its entirety.  No additional equipment or software is required. The video will follow the tutor...

An Ongoing lesson is a lesson a student booked with you but hasn’t been completed. A completed lesson is a lesson you have successfully rounded up with the student. To see your ongoing and completed lessons, go to your dashboard,