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Getting positive feedback from students is a great way to improve your ranking and visibility on OnlineTutorLy. Students you work with on OnlineTutorLy can provide feedback, which helps potential students know more about you, and can help you fine-tune your tutoring.

All of the information about your students is located in two places within your account: Conversations between yourself and the student within the Message contain items such as Rate, Payment, Lesson, Review and Contact Information.

From Messages:

Your Dashboard contains everything you need to manage your tutoring business. You can stay in contact with your students, apply for jobs, schedule lessons, update your profile,and more. All important notifications will appear at the top of the Dashboard, and the interface provides easy access to the tools you’ll need to suc...

The list of tutors a student sees changes based on that student’s specific search criteria. However, there are a few things that tutors can do to place competitively in search results:

  1. Be responsive. The most successful tutors listed on O...

There are two ways to connect with students through OnlineTutorLy: apply to jobs on the Jobs Board or get contacted by students who discover your profile. It’s easier to secure your first students if you apply regularly to jobs. Initially, your profile will not include student ratings and reviews, which means you’ll receive...