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If you wish to have a low star rating edited or removed, here are some options:

  1. Contact the student. Students have 12 days from the time a lesson was submitted to edit their star rating. Your can reach out to students via OnlineTutorLy Me...

To begin an online lesson with a student:

  1. Send a tutoring request. To send a tutoring request, login, click on your name at the top right, click Help & Support, under Query, select ‘Lesson Request’.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. You and your stud...

An Ongoing lesson is a lesson a student booked with you but hasn’t been completed. A completed lesson is a lesson you have successfully rounded up with the student. To see your ongoing and completed lessons, go to your dashboard,

As a tutor, you may create a dispute against an ongoing and cancelled lesson. As a student, you may create a dispute against a cancelled lesson. To create a dispute, click on your name on the top right-hand side, click dispute, create dispute.

Tutors have the absolute discretion to decide if they would like to offer students a free first lesson, before lessons take place. However, the student must have booked a lesson with you on the OnlineTutorLy platform prior to the free lesson.

No. OnlineTutorLy  provides its platform services solely for the purpose of connecting tutors and students who are seeking tutoring services. Upon accepting the OnlineTutorLy  when they create an account, tutors agree to abide by our .

Examples of not abiding by ...

Tutors have the discretion to offer editing or proofreading services to students on OnlineTutorLy. In these cases, it is strongly suggested that all correspondence, including attachments, be performed within OnlineTutorLy Messages.

It is especially important to communicat...