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Am Balogun Oladunjoye, I hold BS.c in General and Applied Psychology-2015, University of Jos, University Diploma in Applied Psychology  2010-University of Ibadan, Also, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology at University of Lagos (2019-2020). I have taught Psychology for past 7 years and am happy doing it. Biology, A level Biology, Waec Biol...

Victor Ebere

I am an experienced mathematics and science tutor with 6 years tutoring experience, looking forward to impacting my knowledge on students for maximum result. I am a mathematics and science tutor, student friendly, breaks down subjects,makes it easier to understand and difficult to forget.learning is fun here  

Hi I’m Solomon. I am a graduate of University of Benin, having studied there for my  B.Sc in Public Administration. I did my masters in Personnel management at University of Lagos. I have also sat for international English language testing system (IELTS) examination where I scored B2. I am an Alumnus of Metropolitan School of Business and Manage...

Tayo Adeyinka

I give my very best to my students and I try and support them to achieve their dreams and aspirations to the very best of my ability. GRE, Government & Politics, Geography, General Maths, Data Science, IGCSE Economics, Further Maths.

Rasaq Afolabi

An individual with high level descency and discipline.

Delighted Consult offer the best quality of tutorial both within and outside the country and we have several testimonies from here. A try will convince you.

Emmanuel Akinlade

I am your sure guide to academic excellence with more than five years of teaching experience ranging from secondary school curriculum to advanced physiological courses. I am very patient in handling students, very passionate about impacting knowledge. Together, we can achieve and be the best academically. Waec Physics, Waec Chemistry, A le...

A world-class tutor with more than 5 years of teaching experience.