How do I request for a refund?

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As a student, if you have any issue with your lessons or tutor, and want a refund – you can create a dispute against a lesson at any time. Before you create a dispute, please make sure you cancel the lesson first.

To cancel a lesson, from your dashboard, scroll down to see your ongoing lessons. Click on the particular lesson you’d like to cancel. On the manage lessons page, scroll down to ‘Booked Tutor’. Click on view history. , under booked, select ‘cancelled’ from the drop-down.

Once the lesson is cancelled, you may go ahead to create a dispute against the lesson.

To create a dispute, go to your dashboard or click directly on your name at the top right hand side. Click on dispute, create dispute at the top left side. OnlineTutorLy have a dispute review – be rest asured you will get the best value from all services rendered on OnlineTutorLy. Please endeavor to send a detailed note on why you’re requesting a refund.


Author Since: December 24, 2020