How do I write an effective profile description

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As a guideline, the best Profile Description are clear and to the point, while providing adequate details about your background and qualifications. Because your Profile Description is one of the first things potential students see when viewing your profile, you want to ensure that the information presented demonstrates both your proficiency in the subjects you’ve listed on your profile and your ability to teach those subjects.

Your Profile Description should include details about your degrees, certifications, test scores, honors, and relevant professional experience to ensure it adequately highlights your expertise. You should also use this section to provide as much detail as possible about any previous teaching or tutoring experience you may have. For example, how long you’ve taught, the typical age range of your students, the subjects you specialize in, and the context of your experience (i.e. one-on-one lessons, in a classroom setting, through a tutoring center, etc.). Don’t forget to share what sets you apart from other tutors in this section!

We have a team called the Content Review Team that manually reviews each tutor’s Profile Description before it is listed on the platform. After reviewing a submission, they may request additional information or edits via email.

To make changes to your Profile Description:

  1. Visit your tutor Dashboard, and click the edit my profile,
  2. Click edit my Profile.
  3. Click personal details and subjects.
  4. Scroll down to the Title and Description

Please note that Profile Description should always be written in full sentences, paragraph format. Profile Description in list or resume format will not be accepted. Check out an example of an effective Profile Description here!


Author Since: December 24, 2020