How does online tutoring work?

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Online lessons take place one-on-one with your tutor in an interactive, digital classroom. 

OnlineTutorLy Online Learning Tool provides real-time video chat for easy and direct communication and an interactive whiteboard for uploading documents, plotting functions, or working out equations.

Learn how to prepare for and access your upcoming online tutoring session by viewing the introductory video below.

Try It Out Right Now! 

If you are interested in trying all the collaborative features of the Online Lesson Tool before your lesson, follow these steps:

Make sure you are on a desktop, tablet device or android phone.
Click this demo room link 

Other Useful Information

Copies of your whiteboards are available for download at the end of your lesson and if you’d like to go back to view your lesson, considering opting into OnlineTutorLy Recording feature.


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