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Our Learning Process

Free Assessment

First, an assessment coordinator ascertain your strength and weakness in the subject(s) of your choice. Based on the assessment result, we draft a lesson plan for your lesson.

Featuring the 12 Strategies of Learning

Our 12 strategies of learning focuses on mathematical problem solving and study skills strategies. It help you improve your focus so you’re ready, willing and able to learn. You get a free 2hrs/2 session every month of these strategies, in order to spur you to accelerated academic excellence.

Your Private Lesson

You are not restricted to tutors in your area. Connect with your tutor via our collaborative lesson space for your tutoring session. Audio and video so clear, it feels like you’re in the same room. An interactive whiteboard specially designed to make learning nothing short of the traditional classroom.

Monthly Progress Report

An assessment coordinator evaluate you in the subjects you’ve had lessons on. You get a monthly progress report. See what you’re paying for!