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Are you seeking a new way to improve your financial status? Do you long for more flexible working hours so that you can better take care of your kids? Maybe you’re sick of the thought of another day job and would rather work at home doing something that’s fun. Whatever your reasons, the best online tutoring opportunities provide individuals, stay at home moms, and those who’d rather enjoy a hands-off, flexible career so that they can have a perfectly tailored online job that makes them money day in and day out.

When you sign up for online tutoring, it’s best to find an hourly rate that matches your comfort level and price range. OnlineTutorLy is one of the best online tutoring to work with. Some rates are based on the quantity of hours and the difficulty of each lesson, while others are fixed. Some online tutoring opportunities are fully supported by their respective company, while others are independent. If you don’t feel like you’re being fairly compensated for the time you invest, look for other options that compensate you more directly by reaching out to students directly. With this, you keep 100% of the lesson fees and you don’t have to deal with an intermediary.

For example, some online tutor jobs are set up as a pay-for-performance contract, which means that you only be paid if you meet your minimum performance standards. Other contracts are based on a “pay for results” model, which pays a certain amount per assignment and varies according to the tutor’s success rate. It may sound like you won’t get paid much for your time, but the amount paid is usually well above the hourly rate you would receive from an in-person elementary school teaching jobs. Tutors who are consistently ranked at the top of their field in various student and teacher ratings also command substantially higher fees for their tutoring services.

If you don’t have relevant teaching or tutoring experience, it can be difficult to find online tutoring positions, especially in the early stages of your career. However, don’t despair because you don’t need to have great educational background or a degree in a specific discipline to be qualified to become a tutor. Most tutors are hired on the basis of their demonstrated effectiveness in instructing elementary school students in both reading and writing. So even if you’re not experienced with teaching reading or writing, there are numerous vocational positions available that require your skills.

In order to secure some additional tutoring opportunities, you’ll probably need to acquire some teaching credentials. Depending on the company, most online tutoring jobs require a bachelor’s degree in any subject-mathematics, English, social science, or history. Some companies require advanced degrees, but these are not common. Some tutoring companies simply prefer to hire tutors with relevant experience, so if you have work experience in a specific discipline, it will definitely help your prospects. You’ll also want to submit a CV detailing your previous teaching experiences. It will be good for your marketing efforts as well as give your potential employers an idea of what to expect from you.

As a tutor, you will also need to know how to use the teaching tools and resources that are provided through the online tutoring website. There may be additional training that you need to familiarize yourself with the learning tool. For example, if you are working with a student who has a learning disability such as dyslexia, you would need a software that is designed to help people with this condition to read and write. Online tutoring jobs can be very rewarding, and it’s easy to get started in this field by teaching yourself the basics and getting some experience.


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