How to be booked by a student

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To be booked for a tutoring session, you need to apply to posted tutoring jobs. When you find a tutoring job that you are confident you’ll be able to deliver efficiently, apply. You can not contact a student directly. A student may contact you first.

If a student finds your proposal appealing, a student may contact you directly from the proposal you sent. After confirming  your availability with the student’s, a student may go ahead and book you directly from the proposal you sent. Here’s what it looks like.

Once a student click book this tutor, they make payments. Upon successfully payment, you will find this lesson in your ongoing lessons and the earnings in your pending balance.

Also, a student may contact you first directly from your profile. Upon satisfactory discussion and availability confirmation, a student should go ahead and post a job. After posting a job, the student should invite you to take up this lesson from your profile. To invite you, the student should contact you, but this time, the student should select the newly posted job from the select a job drop down.

Upon clicking send, you will receive a message. From the message, go directly to the posted job, send a proposal, the student should book you directly from the proposal page just like the above.


Author Since: December 24, 2020