How to be an Assignment Expert

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OnlineTutorLy Assignment Help is a marketplace where students who need help with their assignments contact experts who are able to help them directly. To guide/assist students with their homework and assignment on OnlineTutorLy, follow the simple steps below.
1. Create an account.

2. Post an offer. Offers on OnlineTutorLy tell students what you are able to help them with. Prospective students are able to contact you directly from your offer page and also book your offer.

How to Post an Offer

Your offer to potential students should be precise and straight to the point on what you can help with. For example: University project writing in Metaphysics, I can help you with any Calculus problems, Chemistry Help for 200level etc.

To post an offer, Click on your name at the top right, from the dropdown, click on post an offer, or from the menu, under toolkit, click on post an offer.
Fill in the required fields:

  1. Offer title: a brief and concise information on what you can help the student with
  2. Offer delivery: How soon you can deliver when contacted by a potential student.
  3. Offer Price: Amount you’re willing to charge per assignment.
  4. Offer Categories: Choose a subject
  5. Offer response time: How soon you’re most likely to respond to a student when contacted.
  6. Offer Details: More information about your offer
  7. Offer FAQ: Frequently asked questions you’ll want potential students to read before contacting you.


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