Is Schooling Abroad Right For Your Child?

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I’ve heard the question asked so many times that I’ve developed a pretty good response to the question, “Is schooling abroad good for me?” In my opinion, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to going to school abroad. Disadvantages do exist though and I’ll discuss them below. But first, let’s have a look at some of the advantages that one can experience by sending one’s child to a foreign school.

One major advantage to sending your child to school in another country is the socialization your child will receive. Imagine being away from home for an entire summer, what a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. My own experiences traveling abroad have made me a very outgoing, extroverted person with a huge love for my host country. I truly believe that the best time to send your child to school in another country is when they’re young and still in secondary school. This is the prime years, when children begin to develop strong social ties and hopefully will be exposed to the most basic of human rights around the globe.

Another advantage to sending your child to school in another country is that it gives them the opportunity to develop their language skills. The majority of Nigerians who live abroad actually speak English, so the benefits of learning English are tremendous. Many parents are surprised to discover just how much speaking skills a student develops after they go to school in another country. Some have even managed to get their language classes completely taken care of through tuition assistance!

One disadvantage that I didn’t foresee when I first brought up the idea of sending my child to school abroad was the financial aspect of it all. Luckily, I was able to find scholarships and grants to help pay for my son’s overseas schooling. This helped to get his education much more quickly and gave me time to plan ahead for my future and prepare financially. It was very important to me that our family had the best possible start in life and that the money we had to pay for this started while we were still young. So, is schooling abroad good for me?

Schooling abroad can be a wonderful experience for you and your child. Your child will develop many unique and valuable skills while learning a new language. He will also make lifelong friends and will encounter cultures that he would have never been able to experience if he stayed right here at home. And don’t forget, the whole point of this is to expose him and his peers to a new and exciting way of life. It will provide them with a greater understanding of how the world works and how we can benefit from it.

So, is schooling abroad good for me? Absolutely! All it takes is giving your child the opportunity to learn a foreign language, experience a different culture, and participate in a free-thought workshop. These are the kinds of experiences that will last a lifetime. I would encourage all parents to take the time to explore the possibility of sending their child abroad for school.


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