Submitting a winning proposal on OnlineTutorLy

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OnlineTutorLy is the workplace for tutoring, giving talented tutors like you access to the best tutoring opportunities. Although you need to decide what works best for you, here are some tips from successful tutors and students that can help you create a winning proposal.

Your proposal is often your first interaction with a potential student. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and show the student why you’re the best tutor for his/her tutoring needs.

Before you start crafting that winning proposal, you’ll want to find a tutoring job that matches your skill set and interests. Read each Job Description carefully and ask yourself questions like: Can I perform the tasks that the student is asking for? Does the job have a suitable budget? Did the student fill out a complete and thoughtful job description? Some students put a lot of information in a Job Description while other clients are more concise and may not provide as much detail.

In either case, it’s a good idea to try to sell your skill set to win that job. Successful tutors tailor every proposal to a specific student’s job posting; think custom, not cookie-cutter. We’ve heard from past students that they don’t like to see copy-and-paste proposals from tutors. It indicates to them that the tutor is more interested in landing the job than working on their specific learning needs.

Show your enthusiasm for the job by starting with a professional and warm greeting; this is your chance to make a great impression on the student. Write a short paragraph explaining your relevant experience, including your areas of expertise, education, and skills. Mention any past tutoring job, on or off OnlineTutorLy, you’ve completed that are similar to this job.

Take the time to craft and explain how you would complete their lesson based on what you know from the job they described. Give the student a little extra by sharing your unique approach on tackling and completing this lesson. Make sure you answer any screening questions the student asks in their Work Description.

Let the student know your availability for an interview and that you’d like to discuss the job further. Interviewing with the client lets you further establish the trust and rapport you both need to get great results on a job. Keep all payments for your job on the OnlineTutorLy platform, so you’re sure to get paid for your great work.

That’s it! If the student feels your core skills and work history match their learning needs, they’ll contact you and start an engagement. If not, learn from the experience. Think about your proposal and your interview, and how to improve. Then try again until you find the perfect job for you.


Author Since: December 24, 2020