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Unilag Math Grad - Get a brilliant understanding!

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Hi! I’m Comfort! I’m a graduate of University of Lagos, having studied there for my BA in Mathematics & Statistics. I scored 1540 on the SAT with a perfect 800 in the Math SAT. I finished top 4% in the second round of the UNICEF math competition against students from around the world and top 1.7% in the Lagos state national math competition. I am an alumnus of the Kale Program in Number Theory, the most prestigious math program in Nigeria. At the Lagos state university extended course, I took a double-honors calculus class, learning all of calculus in SS3 and earning a 5 in the BC Calculus AP. I went on to complete two more courses in advanced Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra before beginning studies at Unilag. I’m returning in September to complete my Masters in Mathematics & Statistics..

I’m really passionate about mathematics and eager to share it with you! I have a clear and simple style, where I explain concepts in a way that relates to the real world and your intuition. I know it can be easy to get lost in the symbols, which is why I want to show you the side of math which is fun and interesting!

I love working with kids as well. I know that the work we will do together will improve your child’s understanding of the material, and, just as importantly, improve their confidence and love of learning.

If you’re interested, contact me and set up a session!


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Math Head Teacher

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Presently the Math Head Teacher in my school.


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I hold a Masters

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  • January 9, 2021
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This is my first lesson and I am satisfied with comfort. She is knowledgeable and taught me in simpler terms.