Why is Online Tutoring So Popular Amongst Secondary School Students?

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The reason that online tutoring is so popular is that students need all the support that they can get. For them to do well, they need a teacher who understands their needs and who is sympathetic to the fact that they might need some time to themselves to think things out. Online tutors can respond to the student’s questions in a timely fashion. It is a rare teacher who will be caught off guard by an online question and still make the grade. Online tutoring also enables the student to ask questions of the tutor that he or she might not be able to ask in a face-to-face class.

The main difference between online tutoring and home tutoring is that in online tutoring, one can interact with the tutor through a web-cam or a voice over Internet connection, an interactive whiteboard and audio. In some cases, as with OnlineTutorLy, the lesson can be interactive, such that one can even see the tutor as he or she appears and teach online. Of course, this does not mean that one will be able to do the same things that a tutor in a home would be able to do. The home tutoring environment is the one that offers real-time interaction between students and the teacher. Most Online tutoring does not offer this kind of setting, but OnlineTutorLy does.

However, the ability of online learning to reach across geographical, cultural, and educational divides has led to the integration of distance education into homes across the country. This means that while many home tutoring are being emptied out due to the high cost of each student, students are now able to take classes online that would have been held in a home within a reasonable driving distance. The popularity of online learning means that more distance education offices are now offering online tutoring services. This service is very popular among working parents who cannot leave their children at home, and also among military families, college students, and working professionals who need to complete degrees at home or who work from home.

There are softwares used in online tutoring. Most software for online tutoring utilizes a video camera so that it can record what is going on, which can then be uploaded onto a website and viewed by other students or the instructor. Some softwares are live and interactive, such that the student and tutor collaborate in real time in an online classroom. This type of software is not available for home use, but there are programs that you can download online that are just as effective as the ones that you can buy for your home computer.

How long does it take to take online lessons? There is no clear answer to this question, because it will depend largely on how fast your Internet connection is. Those who have faster connections may be able to complete assignments and study materials in a matter of minutes or hours. On the other hand, those who are on dial up connections will find that they have network interruptions during the tutoring session. The speed with which you study also depends on how motivated you are, since if you don’t pay close attention, it will be much harder for you to stay motivated when your schedule is full and you have many other obligations.

These days, technology has advanced far enough that you can study online from your home, which will allow you to keep your day job and still complete the schoolwork and projects that you need. It will be easier for you to multitask, which can really help your performance in school. Online tutoring can be an effective way for you to get the academic help you need, especially if your family is paying for it.


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